Z60K/Kosovo – Possible new DXCC Country

There’s a new kid on the block, Z60K. They went QRV a few days ago and have been very active on the bands. Although not ‘yet’ accepted by ARRL as a DXCC entity the scuttlebutt is they will most likely be approved once the IARU issues a prefix.

So what to do until then – work ’em! The worst that can happen is they don’t get approved but if they do you’ll have a new entity in your log. They are uploading their QSO’s to ClubLog  so you can check and see how other HCRA members are doing in the hunt.

Read more about it here and a lot of other places on the internet. There are lots of arguments and opinions too. Ignore them, work Z60K and when they’re approved you will be ahead of the game! If you’re using computer logging you may want to see what is necessary to create an ‘override’ so you can get it into the log.

For me, I just grabbed them on 40 CW, the pile up wasn’t bad, nothing like NH8S a few weeks back.

’73 and good luck in the hunt,



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