Treasurer’s Report – August 26, 2012


Park Refund: $746.00
FD Raffle: $380.00
FD Food: $260.00
Membership: $15.00
Silent Auction: $87.00

Total Income: $1483.00


Hall Rent: $90.00
FD Parts: $21.23
Trailer setup food: $50.00
Crew Charter: $20.00
KX3 (long term raffle prize): $1026.80
Web Hosting: $88.00
Triplexer/bpf filters (Field Day): $670.85
Field Day Food: $500.00

Total Expenses: $2378.88

Starting Balance: $6613.69

Ending Balance: $6017.81

Notes: (added by KK1W)

Field Day Expense Breakdown

Field Day Food: $110 (after FD raffle profit of $130 and donations of $260)
Field Day Equipment: $692.00 (Triplexers, BPF filters, misc. parts)
Field Day Equipment Trailer: $700 (expected 10 year life)
Dufresne Park Rental (3 days): $746 (the ‘Park Refund’ is the return of our 100% security deposit. Actual park cost for the three days including the kitchen was $746)


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