Under Construction

Welcome to new Hampden County Radio Association website. At this point in time we’re updating the website. Please check back soon for more updates!


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  1. Jim/KK1W Avatar

    Ed, to clarify a bit. Jeff will correct me if I’m wrong I’m sure. You don’t have to log in to view the site or post comments. You will need to log in to add content to pages (not leave a reply like this – they just require an email address). Lots more to come, it is coming in small steps and it won’t be overwhelming. At least not for us (sorry Jeff!)

  2. Not to view, but I think you’ll have to log in to make changes or add stuff to the site. After Jeff gets it squared away we’ll have a meeting to ‘learn us’ how to use it. You could have your own VP blog if you want I think!

  3. Carroll "Ed" LaCombe Avatar
    Carroll “Ed” LaCombe

    do we have to log in?

  4. Jim/KK1W Avatar

    New website on the way – cool! Many thanks to Jeff/NT1K for volunteering to do the job!

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