Attention New Hams !

If you’ve recently received a new license, or perhaps are returning to the hobby after some time, the ARRL has a new Podcast called “So Now What geared ‘just for you’. How cool is that?

If you don’t know what a Podcast is think of it as “radio on demand” giving you an opportunity to listen to broadcasts on your schedule. This new Podcast from ARRL will broadcast every other Thursday with the alternate weeks going to the “The Doctor is In broadcast. The “Doctor is In” is geared toward experienced amateurs but still is worth listening too as well.

The first “So Now What” broadcast on March 7th was an introduction to the presenters. The next one will be, you guessed it, March 21st and will journey deeper into knowledge benefiting all new hams to improve your enjoyment of the hobby.

Rather than repeat all the information about these broadcasts including where to listen to them please follow this link to the ARRL announcement. It should answer most, if not all, of your questions.

N1JIE at Easthampton Winterfest 2019 GOTA Station

Feel free to post questions to this article here on the website or on HCRA’s Facebook page or email list. They’re all great places to receive answers to your questions from a great group of experienced amateurs.

Enjoy your new hobby and most of all, “have FUN!”


Help needed for Technician Class on April 27th

Hey folks,

John/Kx1x and I are looking for help with a one-day Technician class to be held on April 27th, 2013. This was a small class planned as a ‘one-day’ intense session for a handful of students, but it has morphed into a twelve student extravaganza!

Yep, the class consists of a dozen ‘highly motivated’ and prepared students and our goal is a 100% pass rate – hopefully we can accomplish our goal. Or need is for a few more instructors to help with reviewing the material, answer questions from the students that need clarification and guide some interactive, on line exams. We’re also looking for anyone desiring to help with the test session immediately following the class.

You need not commit a whole day, if you can give the students an hour of your time it will be a great benefit. Think about it, would YOU want to listen to either John or me for six hours? See, we don’t need your help, the students do!

Class starts at 9:00 AM and the VE session is planned for 3:00 PM. Class location is at the Senior Center in West Brookfield, MA

If you have a few hours to help a dozen folks get their ham ticket please contact either John or I at our email addresses or on the HCRA facebook page. Let’s show how HCRA can make a difference in our fine hobby!


John/Kx1x & Jim/KK1W