Here you will find some awards earned by our members. You can strive to earn awards, if you wish to do so, some are very difficult like the Worked All Continents (WAC) Award, some are easy like the ARISS SSTV Award.

If you want your name and call sign added next to an existing award, please send an email to the webmaster, see the Contacts page for the address. If you earned a certificate that is not already on the list, please send an email to the webmaster with a .jpg or .png image. Also include a short explanation of what is the award. Why did you earn it?. Make sure your image is in a mode that will not have to be rotated. That is if you scan it and see it sideways on your screen, rotate it to the proper orientation and save it. Due to the number of submissions the webmaster will not be adjusting orientation. Please name your file with your Callsign an underscore and the Award Title, example W1IRL_ARISSSSTV.jpg. The copy is what you should submit. The image size is limited to 5 MB, that should be plenty enough. You have to be an active HCRA member to be included on the list.  Thank you, from the webmaster.

Here you can find some of the awards you can earn with an explanation, the link is from  ARRL.

ARRL Special Service Club Award

Award,Award Photo,Member Names and Callsigns

Dutch Kingdom Certificate,,Harold N1FTP (2018)

DX Century Club (DXCC), ,Larry W1AST

Europa – Diplom,,Juergen NV1Q (2016); Nick K1NZ (2017)

Five Band Worked All Continents (Five Band WAC),,Juergen NV1Q

International Grid Chase,,Harold N1FTP

JT9 Actvity Days More Information , ,Nick K1NZ

ARISS SSTV Award (December 2019),,Harold N1FTP; Chester KC1LWF

ARISS SSTV Award (August 2019),,Harold N1FTP; Vanessa W1IRL

ARU/IARU Diploma (website) ,,Harold N1FTP

Nasa On The Air,N1FTP NOTA Award,Harold N1FTP

PD18XMAS,,Harold N1FTP

POTA Bronze Certificate (Hunter) https://parksontheair.com,,Vanessa W1IRL (old callsign KC1IRL)

POTA Platinum Certificate (Hunter) https://parksontheair.com,,Vanessa W1IRL

SN1918WAR Warsaw Citadel “WAR” Radio Station,,Harold N1FTP

W1AW (Operated),,Harold N1FTP

Worked ALL STATES (WAS), ,Larry W1AST

Youngsters On The Air (YOTA) Gold www.ham-yota.com,,Paul NF1G

First Annual 12 Days of Christmas 2018,,Harold N1FTP

13 Colonies,,Larry W1AST