Youth Corner

Do you know both boys and girls can become ham radio operators? You can become a ham radio operator at any age! You have to study and then take a test to get your license to operate. There are hams that got their Extra license by age 12!

Andrew (KB1WPJ) operating during the 2014 10m Contest (NQ1C Photo)
  • Participate in Fox Hunts (almost like a scavenger hunt but using ham radios.)
  • You can learn Morse code, we call it CW.
  • You can download pictures sent from the International Space Station
  • Chat with other young ham radio operators from other parts of the USA and sometimes the world, even if you do not have a cell phone or Internet service.
  • Talk using space satellites
  • Participate in Youth nets (A net is like a social media chat site, but using ham radio to chat.)
  • and many more things!

ARRL Youth Nets  – Click here to check available Youth Nets

ARRL Kids Day

Youth participating in one of our Field Days.

Here is an example of a picture received on Earth, in Massachusetts, from a transmission done by the International Space Station from space. The other photo is of a certificate issued to the person that received the picture.