Traffic Handling & the Radiogram STK by Marcia Ford, KW1U

Traffic Handling & the Radiogram Share the Knowledge (STK) of February 22, 2022 presented by Marcia Ford, KW1U


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Message Relay and NTS Presentation

ARES Net Documents

Filling out ARES Net Control Report spreadsheet (DOWNLOAD)

ARES pioneer valley 440 Mhz preamble 01-09-2022 (DOWNLOAD)

ARES pioneer valley 2 Meter preamble 01-09-2022 (DOWNLOAD)

ARES Hampshire County preamble 01-09-2022 (DOWNLOAD)

ARES Net report – blank – 01-09-2022 Excel Spreadsheet (DOWNLOAD)

ARES Net log sheet (pdf) (DOWNLOAD)